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11 new Merriam-Webster’s Dictionaries now available for OS X

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Paragon Software Group , a software developer for mobile devices and desktop computers, in partnership with Merriam-Webster, Inc., the leader in language reference publishing in the United States, announces the release of eleven monolingual and bilingual reference classics from Merriam-Webster for Mac OS X. The apps are conveniently combined in a single Merriam-Webster’s Dictionaries in-app catalog app, allowing the user to immediately find the right dictionary, download it, and test it for free, before making the purchasing decision. The new app comes with a full version of Merriam-Webster's Pocket Dictionary at a special price of only $0.99 USD (the regular price $19.99 USD).

The "Merriam-Webster's Dictionaries" app includes the following additional dictionaries:

  • Merriam-Webster's Collegiate® Dictionary, Eleventh Edition
  • Webster's Third New International Dictionary, Unabridged
  • Merriam-Webster's English-French and French-English Dictionary
  • Merriam-Webster's English-Spanish and Spanish-English Dictionary
  • Merriam-Webster's Medical Dictionary (* without a sound module)
  • Merriam-Webster's Advanced Learner's English Dictionary
  • The Merriam-Webster Dictionary
  • The Merriam-Webster Dictionary of Synonyms and Antonyms
  • Merriam-Webster's Collegiate® Thesaurus
  • Merriam-Webster's Dictionary of Law
  • Merriam-Webster's Essential Learner's English Dictionary

Compatibility: Mac OS 10.7 (Lion) and higher.


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