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Earthwatch Announces Six New Expeditions and Launches New Website

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Earthwatch announced six new volunteer expeditions. Along with featuring these innovative opportunities, Earthwatch’s redesigned website offers the chance for volunteers, scientists, and other community members to connect and work together on solutions to some of the environment’s most pressing problems.

I’m thrilled to announce our new expeditions for 2014 and to introduce the new,” said Larry Mason, International CEO of Earthwatch. “The new website now allows us to better communicate the unique and transformative experiences our volunteers enjoy on an Earthwatch expedition.”

The 6 volunteers experience are :

  • Swimming with Sea Turtles in the Bahamas
  • Tracking Beavers Through German Waters
  • Exploring Lions and their Prey in Kenya
  • Tracking Predators of the African Savannah
  • Tracking Costa Rica’s Mammals
  • Protecting Chile’s Wine Region

It also serves as a hub for thousands of past and present volunteers and scientists. Earthwatch’s community members can now interact with each other through the website, enabling more dialogue on the environmental challenges facing our planet.

Earthwatch partners with more than 100 of the world’s most renowned scientists in more than fifty locations around the world to conduct research on climate change, wildlife and ecosystems, ocean health, and cultural heritage. Since 1970, Earthwatch volunteers on nearly 1,400 expeditions have contributed to more than 10 million hours of field research in over 120 countries.


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